Airy Beach Condo Kitchen and Baths

Pacific Beach, CA

The client wanted modern upgrades to their vacation condo but had limited time to complete the changes. Due to the short turnaround time, we used in-stock items with superior durability to withstand the heavy wear and tear that vacation homes near the water endure. In the kitchen we used an abundance of white to create an airy feel as well as highly reflective glass and stainless steel elements to increase the visual space.

On the backsplash we used a blend of smooth tiles in white and sea hues and rough-finish tiles in sand tones. The clients wanted to stay away from anything too trendy but still wanted the clean, modern feel of a gray-and-white palette. We chose a warm gray over cool, bluish gray as the dominant color to which we layered lighter and darker shades. In the bathrooms, we kept spaces open and lines clean to achieve their desired goal.