Beachy Mid-Century Apartment Complex

Del Mar, CA

Our challenge with this mid-century apartment building was to upgrade the interior and exterior, creating a high-end feel, while keeping the cost appropriate for rental units; this included using economical and durable materials that will stand up to the wear and tear of a rental as well as the sand and salt of the nearby ocean.

Taking inspiration from the coastal location, we layered grays and white for a neutral-beachy feel appropriate across multiple units and used stainless steel appliances and fixtures to keep things timeless. We added a frosted glass front door to let in more natural light while still allowing for privacy and changed the layout for an open feel. We also carved out space in each unit for amenities: adding desks in the kitchens and washer/dryer units, which we accomplished by running venting through the second floor and using part of the closet space in the hall as a laundry area. Completed in partnership with L2A architecture firm.